We're Scotland's first off-road adventure holiday company

4x4 Treks Scotland, established in 2012, is Scotland’s first off-road adventure holiday company set up to allow visitors vehicle-based access to large areas of stunning and relatively undiscovered Scotland. Using your 4x4 vehicles, our knowledge and contacts, you’ll experience Scotland’s true wilderness and encounter some of the area’s rich and diverse wildlife. 

The founding partners in 4x4 Treks were Norman and Nick Robertson, with Nick’s wife Linda - although not a partner - being heavily involved from the start in much of the day-to-day running of 4x4 Treks and often coming along on trips. 

In recent times, things have changed and Norman has decided to concentrate more on living life, travel, grandchildren, etc., so has transferred ownership of his share in the business to Nick. At the time of writing (January 2017), Norman is certainly living life to the full and is on a 5-month round-the-world trip. Going forward, Nick and Linda will continue to run the business and develop it further, but for sure the business would not have got off to the start it did without Norman’s involvement. 

Nick’s experience with 4x4’s started in the late 1970’s whilst working at the Hill Farming Research Organisation where the main transport was MOD-spec Land Rovers. 

Since then, many 4x4s have been through Nick’s hands and have been used to visit and explore places as diverse as New Zealand, Iceland, North Africa and every country in Europe and Scandinavia. 

That time spent on hill farms in some of Scotland’s most remote places and a childhood spent exploring the more beautiful parts of Scotland, first with his parents and then, camping and hiking with youth organisations, gave Nick an interest in the people and places of back-country Scotland.  

Linda comes from a farming family and was born in and spent the early part of her life on farms around Dumfries. Her earliest experiences of driving off road were not in 4x4’s, but on the seat of a “wee grey Fergie”. 1974 to 2008 was spent working her way up the corporate tree to become a senior manager in banking. Now, she volunteers part-time as mentor to small businesses, keeps bees and keeps 4x4 Treks on the straight and narrow operationally.

Linda and Nick live on a small “off grid” farm in the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere on the moors of Galloway. Both gave up the city corporate life in 2008 to concentrate on living a life closer to the things that really matter to them: outdoors, travel, meeting people and bringing them to Scotland. 

The motivation for the business is to introduce people to the more wild and remote parts of the biosphere and Scotland, to deliver value to both clients and local communities, but to do it in a sustainable way. The business plan is based on the idea that, for each £1 retained in the business, £6-£7 will trickle down into the local economy, which is important because, typically, the most beautiful places suffer the biggest challenges in terms of low employment and low earnings. Linda comments, “We’ll never become a 'success' with a fleet of vehicles and many employees - to become such a 'success' would be a failure in our eyes”.

4x4 Treks have negotiated access to more than 300,000 acres of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere in south-west Scotland and work with partners in the Borders, Perthshire and Highlands to provide access to a further 200,000 for our ‘wilderness tours’ which are responsibly managed to avoid damage to the flora and fauna and the wider environment, so important to us all. 

To truly experience Scotland’s wilderness, call now on +44 (0)1581 655004 or send an email for more information or to book your off-road adventure today!